Theodore payne native plant garden tour

Theodore payne native plant garden tour and supply an

Concerning the Garden Tour

The gardens about this tour contain a minimum of 50% native plants. Each garden is really a labor of affection, a location produced harmoniously with southern California’s climate, soil, natural plant life and native wildlife. The gardens are split into two groups: one open Saturday and yet another open Sunday. Each and every location, you’ll meet garden proprietors, designers and docents. Make use of the descriptions and icons on this website to organize your personalized trip, selecting 4-7 gardens to go to every day in a leisurely pace.
The Building Blocks is in financial trouble towards the participants for opening their wonderful gardens towards the public, and also to our volunteer docents for discussing their understanding and enthusiasm. We’re hugely grateful for that support in our sponsors—including local companies, agencies and organizations.

Garden Tour Etiquette

Show this tour help guide to gain admission to each garden
Remain on marked walkways and pathways, respect property and gardens
Don’t damage plants or take cuttings
No pets permitted
No smoking
Youngsters are welcome they ought to be supervised whatsoever occasions
Visit only on open days and through tour hrs
When parking, be responsive to garden neighbors

How you can Attend

All tour tickets cover both times of the tour. Tickets for that 2018 tour is going to be obtainable in Fall of 2017.

Sponsorships from local agencies, companies, and organizations get this to annual outreach event possible. If you are looking at tour sponsorship, contact Tour Coordinator, Margaret Oakley Otto, [email protected], (310) 717-7380.

Photography Policy

Photos are for private use only any photos employed for web or media should be credited towards the 2018 Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour.

Theodore payne native plant garden tour Garden Tour Etiquette

Be a Docent

Docents assist the Garden Tour play an important role in the prosperity of the tour. They’re ambassadors with respect to the Theodore Payne Foundation, and supply an interpretive element for garden visitors. Docents welcome tour attendees, validate tickets, and discuss the beauty, functionality and ecological advantages of gardening with California natives.

Attendance of 1 docent training and a few understanding of native vegetation is needed. Docents are thanks for visiting go to the gardens on a few days ago free of charge, get a free garden tour t-shirt (a collector’s item!) and therefore are asked towards the garden host and docent thank-you party following the tour.

To become Theodore Payne Native Garden Tour Docent, or for more information, contact Andrew Chaves at [email protected]. Thanks!


Theodore Payne Foundation Native Plant Garden Tour