Lake backwoods arboretum – creating a sanctuary to inspire, educate and fasten us towards the natural world.


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The Lake Backwoods Arboretum Foundation(LWAF) is really a nonprofit organization that can serve as steward for Lake Backwoods Arboretum.  The Foundation’s ongoing maintenance and enhancements to forested areas, trails, display gardens and plant collections help give a setting where visitors can also enjoy and focus both natural and cultivated landscapes within an otherwise urban area. As a part of our stewardship, the building blocks will also support horticultural science and conservation by supplying educational possibilities in individuals areas. Our Mission is “Building a sanctuary to inspire, educate and fasten us towards the natural world.”

The Arboretum are available with a short drive within Walnut Valley along side Lake Backwoods Park at 22520 SE 248th in Walnut Valley, WA. Please watch our Directions page for more instructions. If you want any specifics of Lake Backwoods Arboretum or even the Lake Backwoods Arboretum Foundation, please call us with the following:  PO Box 72, Walnut Valley, WA 98038 (253) 293-5103. Please visit our Occasions Calendar its our approaching occasions!


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