Sanctuary within the backwoods: a vital summary of american hebrew poetry

Sanctuary within the backwoods: a vital summary of american hebrew poetry and ideological

"Alan Mintz’s Sanctuary within the Backwoods represents a great undertaking from the emergence and growth and development of Hebrew poetry in the usa.Inch

—Dalia R. Daniel, World Literature Today

"[Mintz’s] jobs are crucial for individuals thinking about the development and way forward for modern American Jewish cultural values. . . . Highly suggested."

—S. Ward, CHOICE

"Alan Mintz has written an excellent work of scholarship on the little-known subject: the great deal of serious with no-forgotten Hebrew poetry designed in 20th-century America . . . Mintz has performed a massive service by presenting us for an unusual body of [poetry] that now, due to his fine book, stands an improved chance to be appreciated."

—Hillel Halkin, Jewish Overview of Books

"Mintz illuminates the poets’ biographies, brief because they are, with the ability of a pointillist. But it’s in the research into the poems themselves that he’s most masterly . . . Mintz means the poem to become understood for both its inwardness but for the air it breathes his critical vocabulary has got the discerning pressure of insight."

—Cynthia Ozick, The Brand New Republic

"Mintz’s Sanctuary within the Backwoods (2011)—which deals almost solely with Hebrew poetry—is unique in identifying the origin from the American Hebrew literary tradition within the writers’ pure and uncompromising romance using the Hebrew language. Mintz includes themself within this romance, which is that keenness that allows him to recuperate the remarkable passion from the texts . . . [Mintz is] to become thanked for recovering our planet of among the Jewish mother tongues."

—Emily Miller Budick, MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature from the U . s . States

"This fascinating literary study of twelve Hebrew poets who flourished like a ‘virtual community’ in the usa about the center of the twentieth century revises and expands our knowledge of poetry, modernism, Hebrew, and, most famously, America. It invites us to question when and under what conditions this kind of island of Hebrew creativeness might surface once again.Inch

—Ruth Wisse, Harvard College

"With the scrupulous analysis of the neglected body of poems, Alan Mintz has been successful on paper a brand new chapter within the good reputation for modern Hebrew poetry. Literary critique in Israel, for cultural and ideological reasons, has compensated scant focus on the Hebrew poetry created in the usa within the last century. Mintz’s minutely mindful discussions from the poets as well as their poems broadens our feeling of Hebrew poetry as well as the range of American cultural experience."

—Robert Alter, College of California, Berkeley

Sanctuary within the backwoods: a vital summary of american hebrew poetry designed in 20th-century AmericaResourse:
Sanctuary within the backwoods: a vital summary of american hebrew poetry poetry as well as

Parallelism in Biblical Hebrew Poetry


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