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Grizzly bear with salmon. Photo copyright Chris WestonWild, biologically intact backwoods connects us to the past – a united states frontier that formed our values of freedom, self-reliance, and perseverance.

Additionally, it connects us to some healthy future. As our region’s population increases and gets to be more urbanized and former farm and timber lands are developed, our remaining backcountry become much more valuable as remains in our heritage.

Securing backwoods

Frosty morning tentside in the Columbia Highlands. Photo Aaron TheisenToday, under 4 % of Washington’s designated backwoods lies east from the Cascade Mountain tops, and under 3 % of just one.a million acres of Colville National Forest are presently protected as backwoods.

A century ago, a lot of northeast Washington was backwoods. Today, our remaining roadless areas are the backwoods we’ve left. 
In the Columbia Highlands, hundreds of 1000 acres of untamed and roadless areas still remain unspoiled by logging, roads, along with other human developments. A number of these areas be eligible for a backwoods designation and safeguarding for generations to come.

Backwoods offers the most powerful protection for the wild public lands. Only Congressionally designated backwoods yields permanent safeguard to make sure these wild lands will stay because they are today.

Backwoods reminds us there’s something which are priceless—you simply can’t re-create it, and also you certainly can’t purchase it.

What’s backwoods?


Backwoods takes great shape. It might be broad expanses of sagebrush meadows around the Kettle Crest, the moving, park-like vistas of the ponderosa pine forest at Thirteenmile Gorge, or high huckleberry-covered ridges within the Salmo-Priest Backwoods.

“Wilderness” simply describes individuals places truly free and "untrammeled" or unrestrained – and based on the Backwoods Act of 1964, land which "generally seems to possess been affected mainly through the forces of

nature, using the imprint of man’s work substantially unnoticeable."

People take advantage of getting healthy wildlands nearby. Backwoods supplies a sanctuary in the pressures of the quickly growing and altering world for individuals who enjoy departing mechanized vehicles behind for traditional American backwoods activities and access. The economies of towns and communities located near designated backwoods tend to be more different and stable, as well as their residents enjoy more economic success than individuals in areas without backwoods.

Backwoods, a sanctuary for individuals and wildlife

Like humans, wildlife need sanctuary from today’s world and quality, undeveloped habitat. Many creatures, for example bears, lynx, baby wolves, elk, wolverines, and caribou depend around the wild forests from the Columbia Highlands for refuge, habitat, and as a way to maneuver between bigger landscapes between your Cascades and Rockies.

When protected, backwoods also provides an long lasting legacy of backwoods outdoor recreation and adventure. Backwoods designation preserves the public’s capability to enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, birdwatching and berry-picking, horse riding, skiing, and snowshoeing. Backwoods designation also protects critical habitat for fish and game, supplying most of the nation’s highest quality hunting and fishing areas and longest seasons.

Backwoods could be enjoyed without walking within its limitations. Wild places make up the rugged horizons of numerous communities, the setting for scenic drives, the canvas which to produce hopes for future adventures. Even when we never once set feet inside a backwoods we take advantage of its clean, obvious air and it is even, fresh flows of unpolluted water.

Resourse: http://conservationnw.org/what-we-do/columbiahighlands/

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