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U . s . States Congress

U.S. Capitol Customer Center

Book an excursion, consider a Capitol map and discover other helpful information.

The mission from the Customer Center in the U.S. Capitol would be to give a welcoming and academic atmosphere for visitors to discover the unique characteristics of the home and also the Senate and also the legislative process along with the background and growth and development of the architecture and art from the U.S. Capitol.

Map of Capitol Grounds

The Capitol, House and Senate office structures.

Map of obtainable Transportation in the Capitol

Accessible entrances and transportation servicing the Capitol and surrounding structures.

Virtual Tour of Capitol

Explore the country’s Capitol, such as the old and current House chambers.

Library of Congress

All of “America&rsquos Library buildings”, named for any U.S. President (Adams, Jefferson, and Madison), contains countless cataloged books along with other print materials on 530 miles of shelving is really a world-famous research center for scholars readily available to both Congress and also the public. Special exhibitions —including a lasting display from the Gutenberg Bible, the first book printed with movable type—make the Library a popular tourist attraction. First Street and Independence Avenue, SE.

Top Court from the U . s . States

“Equal Justice Under Law” may be the promise around the portals from the Top Court building.Court sessions begin the very first Monday in October and continue two days monthly through April. Courtroom seats are for sale to visitors on the first-come, first-offered basis once the Court is within session. Twenty-minute courtroom lectures can be found every hour around the half-hour when a legal court isn’t in session. Group tours can be found and should be produced in advance. First and East Capitol Roads, NE.

U . s . States Botanic Garden

Found at the bottom of Capitol Hill, the conservatory features greater than 20,000 plants, including exotic flowers and fruit species. First Street and Maryland Avenue, SW.




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