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Wildlife expeditions - biganimals expeditions re especially happy with our

Each wildlife expedition’s departure is carefully timed to coincide with peak animal behavior displays that generally occur only during 2 to 4 week periods every year. Our adventures are planned towards the same standards as what you’ve observed in wildlife films, so you’re guaranteed an advanced of photo taking possibilities and logistical services. We simply have a couple of visitors with respect to the trip — truly four. This provides room to maneuver freely, ample space to photograph or film, and our guides’ close personal attention and guidance. Most significantly for all of us, our select few size has much less effect on the wildlife being observed. During the last twenty-plus years, We’ve led over 3,500 divers, snorkelers, and adventurers around the world. There’s an unequaled record of success to find and observing unique creatures within the wild, and we’re especially happy with our immaculate safety record. We feel for this reason greater than 60% in our visitors come along again and again in finding much more about their world and themselves.

Ecological Concerns and Action

All human activity comes with an effect on the atmosphere — much more then when we communicate with wildlife. Our lengthy knowledge about such encounters has trained us the critical component to success is maintaining the little size observing groups. Many travel industry pundits declare that an organization size 2 to 6 is they canrrrt fit the bill. However, we feel that it is not just fundamental to the prosperity of the encounter, but to protecting the creatures under observation too. And that’s the conclusion on the expeditions.

Wildlife expeditions - biganimals expeditions Our lengthy knowledge about such

Everybody Comes with an Inner Jacques Cousteau

It’s not necessary to become an Ernest Shackleton, an expert explorer, or perhaps a lengthy-time diver to sign up. All that you should bring along with you is a love for nature — without or with a video camera — a spirit of chance, along with a need to step past the typical encounters provided by the typical travel agent or supplier. Your vacation a person can have is awaiting you.

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Botswana wildlife expedition 2012


Tacks Sherbo: Absolutely wonderful video record.  There is hope for the human race yet!!!  No yelling, no screaming,  no behaving like a bull in a china shop.  Just simple and obvious appreciation and respect for the wildlife.  Thank you for posting this most enjoyable "trip" and thank you for not adding horrible thumping, clanging music to drown out the sounds of nature and the wildlife. Excellent watching experience.

marco scarpanti: Marvelous! reminds me of the first time in Botswana in 1999, how much beauty!

sha-o-ling pol-k: una experiencia maravillosa!!!\nFelicidades!""!!!!!

Moody Blues: beautiful movie! There's a different quality, IMHO more personal, more touching than these National Geographic and BBC perfected materials.\nOne thing that's ever so annoying is the focussing and shutter sounds from the (let me guess: Sony?) cameras. You solved the problem with accompanying music.\nI'm so very impressed!!!

Nanjing Huang: wowwwwwwwwwwwwww

Son of Shiva: Very nice video thanks!

polo jazz: muchas gracias por compartir este maravilloso documental.

Jenn B: What time of year was this?  I was there in September and it was MUCH drier and hotter.  But still loved it!

James Hamilton-Bird: As a Wildlife Photographer with 40 plus years experience this is better than good a must see if your an animal lover..to see my work go to www.flickr.com/photos/birdseyeviewphotos

Daciano Barberi: Grazie, spedizione molto istruttiva!

Sæwelō: Spectacular video, thank you for sharing.

Sheryl Schroeder: Africa's wild animals, especially lions and elephants, are it's Crown Jewel, it's gift from GOD. We MUST protect them now before it's too late! These animal numbers are in steep decline! We MUST #BanTrophyHunting! Add LIONS and ELEPHANTS to the Endangered Species list NOW! Trophy hunters are the scourge of the Earth, the most greedy, selfish, heinous murderers! #JusticeForCecil

pesalema david: nice 1 Jonny!i love.

Moemedi Magudu: THE BEAUTY OF BOTSWANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….THANK YOU MR WOOZER!

Johnny Woozer: +Moemedi Magudu yep. Botswana is paradise ! I hope to go back one day.

Banoti Butale: Eish, how i love Botswana, especially up there.

Sai Bos: wonderful moment!

IamWatchingYourVid: @12:24 it says: red headed weaver but I think it is a lesser striped swallow.\nVery nice movie :)

Les Moore: Thank you, Johnny.

keneilwe lekhanenyane: Wonderful indeed….My Botswana,my pride! Thanx Johnny dearest!